Wines to help you keep your New Years resolutions

It’s been a little over a month since New Years Eve. You have gone to the gym, you hurt, you are hungry and you desperately need a glass of wine. You are not willing to break your resolution, not yet anyway…

There are options for you to drink within your “goal weight diet plan, counting calories” whatever that thing is called.

Not to confuse you too much, I’ll give you 5 options to choose from.

First things first. Wine tends to come in different sweetness levels from bone dry to (very) sweet. The words dry/brut/Trocken, semi-sweet and what not actually do serve a purpose. They tell you the approximate amount of residual sugar in the wine. Residual sugar is the sugar still left in the wine after fermentation has finished. That’s why sweet doesn’t have to mean fruity.

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